Join Mindelos crew and feel at home on this spacious and safe sailing trimaran. Visit remote tropical locations far off the beaten track, together with your partner, friends or family.

Mindelo’s young owners, Bruna and Niklaus, set sail from Los Angeles in March 2023 and have been sailing the west coast of Central America ever since. In early 2024, they will begin crossing the Pacific from east to west, stopping in stunning locations like French Polynesia, Samoa, Fidschi,…
Find out when they’ll be in your favourite place and get in touch to plan a unique and unforgettable sailing adventure.

tropical Pacific


max. 4 people

between 500 to 1000 USD/week

Trimaran Mindelo

Mindelo is a sailing trimaran designed by Norman Cross. With a length of 12.5 meters and a width of 7 meters, it offers a lot of outdoor space and room for 6 people in three double beds.
Bruna and Niklaus live full time on Mindelo and it is equipped accordingly. There is a kitchen with gas stove, refrigerator and freezer, a simple bathroom with toilet. The shower and plenty of space for daily activities such as yoga, sunbathing, fishing, etc. offers the large ceiling. There is a sailing dinghy, two SUPs, kitesurfing and snorkeling equipment.

About us

After studying human rights and working for the United Nations, Bruna quit her job to sail with Niklaus. Niklaus lived and traveled on a sailing catamaran for 2.5 years after graduating with a degree in geography.
Both are interested in sustainable lifestyles, exploring new places and cultures, and preparing and enjoying healthy food.


There is a rough planning about the destinations that will be visited and when, but the exact planning often remains flexible. The map in the following section on this page will give you a rough idea.

Pick-up/Drop-off Location

We want to support sustainable travel, so we encourage you to avoid air travel whenever possible. We choose where your trip begins and ends to make travel as easy as possible for you.


The prices depend on the place where we sail and the service you want. You can expect prices between 500 and 1000 USD per week per person.


Use the contact form below or email for more information and to plan your vacation. Before confirming a booking, we will be happy to have a phone conversation with you to discuss and organize the details.

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